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Marshwood is an imaginary location based on LMS/GWR practice. It is situated on an extension of an existing colliery to the now disused colliery at Marshwood.

The layout includes a small station with sidings and a climb to the now disused colliery. This is used as a stabling point for loco’s working to and from other working Coal Mines in the area. From the station at present operated as a terminus but designed as a through station the line follows a gentle curve over an actual distance of 24 feet down a gradient to a fiddle yard.

All rolling stock is provided by club members and is of mainly kit built items. The era is dependant on member’s stock availability.

C & L track and points have been used, the latter kit built to suit the geometry of the required location.

All the buildings on the layout have been scratchbuilt from plasticard and are representative of the type of building to be seen in the area.

The layout has appeared at many local shows, and at the British Railway Modelling exhibition at Doncaster. It appeared at the Club’s own exhibition in March 2007. This was its last appearance, as it has now been sold to make way for our new O Gauge layout Barsborough Market.

Layout Data

Scale: O
Size: 25'6" x 9'6"
Operators: Minimum of 5.

Layout Diagram

Layout Photos

Photos by Tony Wright, courtesy of
British Railway Modelling
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